Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High Sierra Camping and Fishing

Once again with my intrepid friend John and baby brother Denny we braved the high country of the Eastern Sierras.  This year we did it a bit different and didn't bite off quite as much as last year when we climbed Mt. Whitney up and back in one very long day.  This time we car camped in the comfy Sabrina campground at 8,500' right along Bishop Creek. 

We took two long day hikes . . . first day up towards Piute Pass in search of the illusive California Golden Trout using fly fishing gear.  We had pretty good luck managing to catch a bunch of little goldens, brookies, and a few rainbows.  The weather was perfect and the mosquitoes were bad.

The second day we hiked up to the Lamark lakes at 10,900' and had pretty much a similar experience with perhaps not quite as many caught fish.  It was beautiful with hardly any other hikers/fishermen but the bugs were still there.

Even at our camp at 8,500' at night it got COLD!  We had frost and frozen stuff every morning which made the campfire a much appreciated addition.

Here are a few more shots of this excellent adventure

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