Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Another San Diego Morning

I had a very interesting morning and thought I would share.

First off I rode my motorcycle to downtown San Diego where "Comic-con" is happening. Only about 150,000 geeks, weirdo's and other edgy folks are here for this annual convention that has turned out to be the biggest convention held in SD. It was a total hoot to just stroll around with a cup of coffee and people watch. There were literally thousands of 20 somethings -- most decked out in costumes ranging from Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Captain America and many others that I had no idea who they were trying to be. Bottom line was everyone seemed to be having a great time and spending $$ like it was their last chance.



Inspired, I then rode out to Santee and visited the "Creation & Earth History Museum".

This too was a hoot.
I spent probably an hour strolling through the exhibits and picking up the voluminous amounts of free literature that 'splains everything in excruciating detail. I was very surprised at how up dated, modern and overall expensive and well done the whole place was. Someone has spent a ton of $$ and it was hugely interesting and entertaining. It was also the biggest crock of horse manure I've ever seen in my life. Talk about once you believe something you can rationalize absolutely anything! They tried very hard to make it all very "scientific" with lots of detailed scientific mumbo jumbo that PROVED that the earth was only 6,000 years old. They were not fazed in the slightest by anything and took head on every opposing contention including fossils, dinosaurs, stars, planets, etc. and proved without a doubt that theirs was the real truth. You might easily have thought they were kidding or it was a bit tongue in cheek but NO. They were serious as a heart attack and feel strongly that any view other than their own was scientifically wrong. Only in a few places was it so outlandish that they had to fall back on the explanation that "the Bible says it so it must be true". A good sense of humor is required to really get the most out of this place and I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to explore this museum.

Ahhhh, you gotta love this country.

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