Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ski Adventure 2011

Once again the Old Guys Ski Trip is in the books.  The hearty crew of Brother Denny, Big Dog, Peter the Great, John the Surfer Dude, and yours truly along with cameo appearances by Mark, Dom, and Jillian, all braved the steep, deep, and narrows of the best skiing that Utah had to offer . . . at least for that one week.  The team rendezvoused at Denny's Ski chalet in Park City and enjoyed his hospitality, drank his beer and ate his food.  We skied four straight days -- Park City twice, the Canyons and Deer Valley.  With few exceptions we kept it all either in the trees, bumps, or steep bowls and averaged around 22,000' vertical each day. 

Tim showed up with a couple of video cameras, one mounted on his helmet and managed to knock off a few feet of film (digits/bits??) that go something like this:

What these videos fail to show, in my humble opinion, is just how bumpy and/or steep the terrain actually was while being filmed.  At least that's the way I remember it!

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Big Dog said...

For an old dude, you rock on the boards! And yes, you are way correct that the videos don't illustrate just how friggin gnarly all that shit we got ourselves into really was! For sure, that is one gnarly outhouse too! Life is good......."Ski till you're Dead" and hopefully that is a long long time. We still have way too much to have! Rock on baby. Point them downhill and go for it. The Big Dog